My passion for baking began when I was a little girl. Loving memories were created at the apron strings of my grandmother, Benita. My grandmother always seemed to end up in the kitchen. When she was younger, this was a necessity because she had a large family to feed, and someone was always hungry. When older, it was clear that she actually had a desire to be in the kitchen. Whenever we were together, I insisted on being by her side. I’d watch for hours as she prepared one homemade dessert after another. She never told me how she created her desserts; she preferred to just show me. I’m still amazed at how she didn’t use measuring cups. She simply relied on experience and instinct.

My grandmother was quiet by nature. In thinking back, I realize she actually communicated her love through the food she prepared. She was fulfilled by watching her grandchildren gobble up her goodies as fast as they came out of the oven. Baking various delights for her grandchildren was seemingly as gratifying as when she baked for her own children. It made her feel needed and appreciated.

My grandmother’s desserts didn’t just fill my tummy, they warmed my heart. I find the memories of those days to be warm and soothing. I realize not every child was fortunate enough to experience the delightful aroma of a freshly-baked apple pie.

Today’s hectic lifestyles have further decreased the chances of similar experiences. I want my children and grandchildren to remember me in the same way I remember my grandmother. Those blissful days spent in the kitchen with my grandmother inspired me to pursue my own passion for baking.

Over the years I’ve delighted as family and friends sampled my creations. Having been told again and again that I should sell my desserts, I finally decided to do it! I want people to enjoy my desserts with their own families and friends. With the hectic pace of today’s lifestyles, it’s more important then ever to take the time to make sweet memories.

Julia’s Desserts was born from the love for my grandmother, a passion for baking, and the enjoyment of serving desserts to others. I chose Julia’s Desserts because I was named after my great grandmother, Julia. Julia’s Desserts is a tribute to both my grandmother, and great grandmother.

My sincere wish is that Julia’s Desserts satisfy you in a way that takes you back to a simpler time. A time when sharing homemade desserts expressed your love for friends and family.

May all your memories be sweet!

God Bless You, Julie Koenig, Owner